Business Automation Masterclass

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What is Business Automation Masterclass?

Business Automation Masterclass is a specially designed live practical training for entrepreneurs to learn the A to Z of automating your business processes, be it sales, marketing, customer relations, and outreach.


Problems businesses are facing today:

  • Not able to manage leads and customer data properly.
  • Not able to follow up on leads instantly and properly.
  • Not able to generate quality leads or qualify existing leads.
  • Not able to monitor the sales team and their performance.
  • Not able to organize data for future decisions.
  • Very high competition.
  • High marketing expenditure.
  • Not able to retain customers.

Benefits of attending the


We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters.

  • Clearly define business goals for the next 12 months; track and analyze on a daily basis.
  • Track customer activity, readiness and implement retention strategies.
  • Automatically delegate leads and tasks to relevant salesperson with due dates.
  • How to reach out, generate qualified leads, automate follow-ups, and nurturing sequences.
  • Cut-down the marketing budget and increase overall profitability.
  • Delegate goals to the relevant teams and monitor progress.
  • Understand the tools and processes behind sales funnels and webinar funnels.
  • Take future decisions based on your data.

Who can attend

We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters.

  • Businesses looking for valuation and raising investment in future.
  • Businesses who are struggling to generate quality leads, in a specified budget.
  • Business consultants.
  • Coaches and trainers who want to implement their own coaching system.
  • Businesses that are not able to retain existing customers.
  • Businesses that are struggling to manage the marketing, sales, and customer relations teams.
  • Digital marketing agencies.
  • Influencers or those who want to build their personal brand.

Other benefits of attending masterclass

What makes us different from others? We give holistic solutions
with strategy, design & technology.


Access to the private community


Digital marketing courses in the academy


Weekly mastermind sessions

Process of masterclass

6-week intensive training program

Pick your plan. Change whenever you want.
No switching fees between packages


Offline Sessions

04 Classes (Saturdays only)
Language: Malayalam

Zoom Online Sessions

02 Classes (Saturdays only)
Language: Malayalam

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